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Welcome to our website, you have reached our international page! Sorry for using mostly german language in our website. This International Page shall try to offer you easy entrance to our content.

How to use this international page

If you want to read our website in another language you can change to the prepared website-translation and choise your prefered language. But take care: if you click the following button you will find the entrance to the Google translation tool. In this case Google will capture your personal data (for example your IP-adress). Don´t use the following link, if you don´t agree with this.

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There you can read (we hope so) our website in your language. But there´s  the disadvantage you cannot open included pictures to get major view. So for looking our pictures in whole dimension it´s better to use further our website in german language.

What you will find on our website

We love long bike-trips in exotic areas. On this website we are publishing our storys and a lot of pictures from all our trips. You will find reports about a 7 month bike trip in Great Britain and our adventures on the current bike trip around the world. On this trip since 2015 we have visited more than 30 countries and cycled 30.000 km. And it´s still going on.

From all the visited countries you can find our trip report, a galerie, facts concerning travel and a lot of information about special places of interest.

Further …

  • You can find infos about our sports (kajak, bike, hiking)
  • You can find our videoclips (on our youtube-canal)
  • You can find infos concerning planning and preparation of long trips
  • We are writing about bike technologie special for bike travel
  • We report about our experience with outdoor-equipment and we mention special products in which we trust during our trips

How to follow us

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Our Pinterest-account: Radreisenerd

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Our Twitter-account:  @RadreiseNerd

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Our Youtube-channel.

Enjoy by reading our content. And we like to meet you on the road. See you!

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